Double Blade Mass Flow FeederRolling Blade Belt Feeder

PEBCO®’s line of Mass Flow Feeders and Rolling Blade Belt Feeders are engineered to provide exceptional accuracy and uniformly load the belt on centerline every time, regardless of flow rate. Simple, reliable designs require little maintenance and provide more up time over the life of the system than any other feeder technology. By actively compensating for head load, moisture, product size, segregation, and demand, our feeder systems improve your ability to respond quickly and accurately to the demands of the process.

From single-point discharges to multi-point blending applications, under mass flow or funnel flow silos or hoppers, and even stockpiles; PEBCO®’s expertly engineered family of feeders will give you the ability to deliver the right amount of product every time.

Mass Flow Feeders offer incredible accuracy for critical feed rates or blending applications with repeatable accuracies of <1% and maximum to minimum flow ratios as high as 10:1. Rolling Blade Belt Feeders get the material moving in the same direction as the conveyor prior to contact with the belt to increase the life of the belting. Call one of our experienced Sales Engineers today to talk about which one is best for your project.

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