About Us

For over 40 years, PEBCO®’s mission has been to build a better line of equipment for the bulk materials handling industry. After seeing the need for a higher quality line of equipment to help process bulk materials, our engineers got to work designing systems and components better suited to handle these various materials.

PEBCO® sets high standards for quality, which are backed by the reputation we’ve built over decades of experience as a global supplier of high-quality material handling equipment. Our quality assurance program ensures each product we engineer uses the highest standards, and each step of the process is inspected by our Quality Control personnel.

Instead of just manufacturing functional pieces of equipment, we task our engineers to create a better product. At PEBCO®, we are always working to improve on the design, function, and integrity of our product line.

PEBCO®’s line of standard products includes Slide Gates, Rolling Blade Gates, Clamshell Gates, Positive Seal Valves, Dust Suppression Fogging Systems, Diverter Gates, Lock Gates, Dustless Loading Spouts, Fluidized ConveyorsTelescopic Chutes, PEBCO Cascade Chutes®, Mass-Flow Feeders and Uni-Load Systems®.

What began as engineered solutions for the coal industry quickly expanded into other industries as we realized the opportunity to build a better line of products across the board.

By better understanding the materials being processed, we can engineer better products to efficiently handle the materials. The integrity of the parts you implement into your system will affect the overall productivity of your business, so why would you want anything less than the best?

We understand that every system is unique. A slide gate installation for cement handling is going to be different from a slide gate for handling sand. A diverter being used in extreme heat will be different from a diverter being used in cool, wet conditions. A valve meant for powders will be different from a valve for handling metals.

We make it a point to understand the industries and how they constantly evolve. As regulations began tightening on dust emissions, we developed a line of products to help contain, collect, and suppress dust. Our latest dust suppression system, The Raring ADSTM Fog System, is the first of its kind.

When It Comes to Controlling Dust Emissions, PEBCO® is at the Forefront of Technology.

We’ve spent the past four decades working toward building the best products for the dry bulk solids industry to get the most of your systems, both in productivity and longevity. No matter what the application may be, we’ve built a better product for it.

When you choose PEBCO® equipment, you know that you are choosing the BEST equipment for the job, EVERY TIME.

PEBCO Dust Emission