PEBCO® Spare Parts

Service from PEBCO® goes far beyond the provision of new quality PEBCO® equipment. Replacement parts are readily available from PEBCO® and no further away than an email or phone call to Jamey in our Spare Parts Department. Downtime is never convenient. Our mission is to provide our Spare Parts as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When the time comes to replace parts or perform maintenance, contact PEBCO® to obtain the quality components you need to handle the rugged environment of our industry.

We provide everything from individual parts all the way to complete rebuild kits for all of our equipment. We also offer custom upgrades and retro-fit kits to modify your equipment in the field should your application parameters change.

Please have your PEBCO® job number or serial number on hand to help ensure the accuracy of the parts ordered.

Jamey Snyder

Jamey Snyder – Spare Parts Coordinator | CAD Proposal Designer

Jamey has been with PEBCO® since 2004. He started out in Manufacturing as Head Assembler and Shop Inspector. Jamey then moved to PEBCO®‘s Downtown office and joined the Design & Engineering team, where he worked as a Designer for over 7 years. He later joined the Sales team in 2013, as PEBCO®‘s Spare Parts Coordinator and CAD Proposal Designer.

Jamey is a huge automotive enthusiast and is heavily into bodybuilding and living a healthy lifestyle.  Jamey has also been a member of the Heartland Church since 1977 and is currently serving on the Church security team.

Phone: 270.442.1996 ext. 214