While PEBCO®  has made adjustments to both our campuses to minimize the possibility of spreading COVID-19, we are continuing to provide many of our “essential service” customers the equipment they need to keep operating.  We want to remind you we have GATES & SPOUTS ready to ship TODAY! Do you need a gate in a hurry?  Do you have an emergency situation?  PEBCO® CAN HELP YOU!   Call us to find out more.

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The PEBCO® Difference

What makes PEBCO®'s process different? We aim to ensure every application of our product line is best suited for your application to ensure the integrity of your system.

PEBCO® designs and engineers a wide variety of products including slide gates, valves, diverters, mass flow feeders, fluidized conveyors, dustless loading spouts, dust suppression systems, telescopic chutes, and more for the dry bulk solids industry.

Talk to us about our new PASSIVE PRODUCT SPREADER (Patent Pending) – a revolutionary design new to our market.  No motors, no impellers – it just needs gravity!  That means no maintenance or down time.  Ideal for industries such as PLASTICS, POWDERS, SUGAR and GRAINS.  Go to YouTube and type in “PEBCO passive product spreader” and see PRODUCT SPREADER demonstrations.

From mining to processing plants or loading and unloading transport vessels; anywhere the flow of dry bulk solids needs to be controlled, that’s where you will find PEBCO® products. With over 40 years of creating solutions, we’ve provided equipment for virtually every dry bulk solids industry around the world.

PEBCO® offers an unparalleled selection of highly engineered, ruggedly constructed products to solve your material handling needs.


Our equipment is used in applications for a wide range of industries, including cement, sand, coal, iron ore, chemicals, plastics, aggregates, grains, fertilizers, food, pet food, plastics, ash, clays and more.

To find out more about our product lines, contact a member of our expertly trained Sales Team to see how we can help you find the highest quality solution for your material handling needs.

No matter what your material problem might be, you can trust that PEBCO® has the BEST solution.