Double Blade Mass Flow Feeder

Double Blade Mass Flow Feeder (DBMFLO)

The PEBCO® Double Blade Mass Flow Feeder accurately meters material onto the centerline of a conveyor. Double Blade Mass Flow Feeders are used in single point flow control and multi-point blending systems.

  • • Typically used to precisely meter material onto a conveyor belt in feeding or blending applications
  • • Flow rates from 50-8000 TPH with turndown ratios up to 10:1
  • • Promotes mass flow of material and is ideally suited for use at the discharge of a mass flow silo/hopper
  • • Also provides accurate flow regulation under funnel flow silos/hoppers and open stockpiles.
  • • Synchronized blade movement insures centered feed onto the belt at all flow rates
  • • Hydraulic cylinders with position feedback accurately position and hold blades to obtain the desired flow rate
  • • Feeder design prevents flush-through of material under rail dumps and in case of rat-hole or bridging collapse
  • • No vibrating and few moving parts:
    • ° Provides long operational life
    • ° Minimum maintenance requirements
  • • Totally enclosed design eliminates dust emissions and can be easily integrated into conveyor enclosures
  • • Low energy consumption and noise levels as compared to other feeder designs
  • • Multiple feeders can be combined with belt scales to precisely blend product
  • • Hydraulic Power Units operate multiple feeders from one unit (motor)
  •  Controls

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