Telescopic Chute

Telescopic Chute (TC)

PEBCO® Telescopic Chutes are ideal for outdoor stockpiling or ship loading for their ability to contain product during freefall and accommodate a variety of application sizes and flow rates.

  • • Typically used for outdoor stockpiling of material or to load ships or barges
  • • Contains product during freefall from conveyor to pile, minimizing wind-blown dust
  • • Construction can be in any number of sections, diameters, or lengths to accommodate a variety of applications and huge range of flow rates
  • • Usual construction is carbon steel, abrasion resistant steel, and stainless
  • • Loose running clearances prevent binding of tubes due to material buildup
  • • Heavy rings on both ends reinforce each end of the tube and insure concentricity
  • • Tube diameters increase down the chute eliminating the possibility of plugging
  • • Tivar® tubes are available where weight or sticky products are a concern


  • • Tube-to-tube seals reduce dusting, particularly with Tivar®
  • • Drop-in inlet tube liner can dramatically increase chute life
  • • Trimming spoons distribute material radially from centerline
  • • Gimbals allow the chute to pivot when used on elevating conveyor booms
  • • Remote mount or integral winches include electrically released, mechanically applied brake
  • • Spray rings provide large volumes of water to reduce dust at the pile
  • • Fog spray headers by The Raring Corp encapsulate dust at the pile
  • • End of travel, ultimate-up, and slack cable limit switches provide feedback
  • • Tilt probe(s) sense material at the chute outlet
  • • Plugged chute sensors protect the system
  • • Auto-Raise and Auto-Lower control panels
  • • Controls

No matter what your material problem might be, you can trust that PEBCO® has the BEST solution.