Slide Gates

Slide Gate or Rolling Slide Gate (SG or RS)

PEBCO® Slide Gates, Rolling Slide Gates, and Valves are the best solution for accurately controlling the flow of your materials. As with all PEBCO® products, they can be customized to fit your application’s needs. Product features include:

  • • One of the most common material handling devices
  • • Start, stop or regulate product flow
  • • Suitable for the finest powders to very large lumps
  • • Self-cleaning blade supports prevent binding during blade movement
    • ° RS offers sealed, re-greasable cam follower blade support system
    • ° SG offers fixed blade supports (polymer or steel) to reduce maintenance
  • • Full perimeter seals contact the top of the blade surface only
    • ° Assuring complete blade closure
    • ° Increasing seal life
  • • Blades thickness evaluated for each application to insure minimal deflection
  • • Hardened blades and seal retainers provide internal wear surfaces and offer long life

Optional Features:

  • • Flat or slotted covers for sealing or safety
  • • Full enclosure design seals gates to atmosphere, minimizes housekeeping
  • • Displacement pockets offer extra room for displaced material during closure

No matter what your material problem might be, you can trust that PEBCO® has the BEST solution.