Winged Single Blade Diverter

Winged Single Blade Diverter (SBDW)

PEBCO® Winged Single Blade Diverters eliminate the need for seals and is ideal for rugged applications.  Smooth transitions and the absence of internal ledges and pockets virtually eliminate material retention.

  • • A variation of the classic “flop gate” this design eliminates the need for seals by channeling material down the selected discharge
  • • Easily adapted to heavy wear liners for rugged applications
  • • Upper half of the housing is removable for improved maintenance access
  • • Replaceable, “drop-in” inlet throat assembly
  • • No cross-contamination when switching materials due to elimination of crevices and ledges

No matter what your material problem might be, you can trust that PEBCO® has the BEST solution.