Dustless Loading Spout Positioner

Dustless Loading Spout Positioner (DLSP)

PEBCO® Dustless Loading Spout Positioners feature wear compensating seals, single or dual axis capabilities, and a unique self cleaning direct drive that eliminates the chain drive thereby greatly reducing maintenance.

  • • Provides alignment correction of spout to vessel being loaded
  • • Single and dual axis motion available
  • • Standard travel is from 1 through 8 feet
  • • Unique rack and pinion drive system eliminates chains and is impervious to dust and debris
  • • Live loaded seal between moving hopper and stationary top plate eliminates dusting and reduces maintenance
  • • Standard hoppers have a 45° slope and are constructed of abrasion resistant steel
    • ° other slopes can be provided upon request
    • ° optional bolt-in liners are available for easy replacement
    • ° double wall hoppers are available for vent-through dust collection capacity
    • ° aeration pads or fully aerated slopes are available for materials that fluidize readily, significantly reducing the height of the positioner

UPDATE – Positioner – New Design & Performance Engineered

    • • Revolutionary New Design
    • • Easy to set up and easy to assemble
    • • Long operational life with greatly reduced maintenance
    • • Unlimited travel – 2ft to 2,000ft!

No matter what your material problem might be, you can trust that PEBCO® has the BEST solution.