PEBCO Cascade Chute®


The PEBCO Cascade Chute® offers a permanent solution to degradation, segregation, and dust control by removing the ability for materials to freefall. The PEBCO Cascade Chute® can handle material flow rates up to 5000 tons per hour and lengths up to and exceeding 100 feet.

  • • Common uses include ship and barge loading as well as stockpiling material
  • • The solution to degradation, segregation, and dust control
  • • Oppositely inclined cones control material velocity from inlet to outlet, no material freefall
  • • Eliminates the need for dust collection at the discharge
  • • Typical construction features include:
    • ° Fiberglass cones with bolted in wear liner
    • ° Nylon or polyester cone straps
    • ° All stainless connecting hardware
    • ° Corrosion resistant construction is ideal for port environments
  • • Flow rates of 200-5000 TPH are attainable with most materials
  • • Extended lengths to 100 feet and more if needed


  • • Outer shroud around the cone stack prevents wind-blow dust in outdoor applications
  • • Standard discharge skirt designs minimize dusting at the pile
  • • Custom skirt designs for fine powders are exceptionally effective at eliminating dust
  • • Remote mount or integral winches include electrically released, mechanically applied brake
  • • Load cell system to monitor strap load. Detects overload condition or broken strap
  • • Gimbals allow the chute to pivot when used on elevating conveyor booms
  • • End of travel, ultimate-up, and slack cable limit switches provide feedback
  • • Tilt probe(s) sense material at the chute outlet
  • • Plugged chute sensors protect the system
  • • Transporter provides easier maintenance access
  • • Various cone materials and liners are available for your application
  • • Controls

No matter what your material problem might be, you can trust that PEBCO® has the BEST solution.