Basket Diverter

Basket Diverter (BD)

PEBCO® Basket Diverters feature an extremely compact design and use a pivoting basket for the directing of material flow. Like the Bucket Diverters, they prevent cross-contamination if the application requires switching materials.

  • • Pivoting basket directs material to the selected discharge
  • • Full diversion to one of two discharges
  • • Extremely compact diverter design
  • • Simple construction lends itself to robust wear surfaces for heavy-duty applications
  • • No cross-contamination when switching materials due to elimination of crevices and ledges
  • • Drop-in inlet throat is easily replaceable while the basket can be replaced through the side of the diverter body
  • • Not recommended for “switch on the fly” operation

No matter what your material problem might be, you can trust that PEBCO® has the BEST solution.